Find your Job or Internship abroad in the country of your choice without any commitment and for the
best possible price!

For candidates who don't need or don't want to secure a work placement abroad before leaving their home country ; or for those who haven't found what they are looking for among our guaranteed programs abroad yet, this Tailor Made Freedom option will be for you !

Just a very simple concept: you contact us and let us know more about your search: internship domain, country you are interested in, request (or not) for accommodation booking and assistance during your stay if necessary ... After emailing us your CV in english with your requirements, we will study your request and confirm if we are able to help you. If so, you will receive a quote adapted to your needs. The simpler your search will be, the less expensive your program abroad will be ! 

This option is also without any commitment. We will start the search for you if we think we'll be able to help yo,u and invoice your placement only once the company has been found (internship or job in hotel / restaurant).

Please feel free to contact us to let us know more about your request :-).

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" Currently placed as a trainee in London, everything is going well for me. The work environment is very nice and I learn a lot of things. Work Overseas work placement agency had found me the ideal internship in a start-up. I would advice this agency to anyone interested in getting an internshp abroad as they are very professional. Indeed I could speak to several companies quickly. Thank you ! Romain D. " July 2015.